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Ahwazi girls in Abadan are seen suffering from suffocation and being taken to hospitals due to the criminal acts of the occupying authorities.


Local sources confirmed that the girls were transported to the hospital after suffocating from gas.

The Executive Committee of the Arab state of Ahwaz has issued a warning to our people regarding the fabricated poisoning incidents in girls’ schools in the occupied Ahwaz.

Issa Al-Tarfi, the spokesperson for the Executive Committee, said, “Attention to our people in the Arab state of Ahwaz, we do not know who is behind these poisonings in schools in Iran in general and especially in Ahwaz. We care about what happens to our people in Ahwaz.”

Al-Tarfi urged our people in Ahwaz to protect their daughters and not send them to schools of the occupation, saying, “We remain vigilant and continue to defend our homeland until its liberation by the grace of God. In this way, we cannot deviate from our demand, which is the liberation of our state by the grace of God. Stay vigilant and defend your daughters, do not send them to schools.


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