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Unsuccessful Attempts by Khamenei’s Militia to Suppress Demonstrations of Ahwazi Workers in “Bushehr”


The continuous efforts of Khamenei’s militia to quash the Arab region of Ahwaz are once again evident, as laborers from the gas refinery in the Asalouyeh region of Bushehr, located in the occupied Arab territory of Ahwaz, organized a protest due to their demands being ignored by the relevant authorities.

Despite the repressive actions of the Iranian occupying forces and their endeavors to thwart the protests, the workers persisted in their rallies against the occupying regime.

The workers staged their demonstrations in front of the complex’s administrative offices.
Previously, the Persian occupation authorities conducted extensive waves of arrests against protesting oil workers in Asalouyeh, a town situated within the occupied Arab territory of Ahwaz.
Sources from the labor sector revealed that approximately 40 oil workers in Asalouyeh were apprehended by the militias under Khamenei’s command.
Furthermore, sources pointed out that special units of the terrorist Revolutionary Guards were extensively deployed in various areas across the occupied Arab territory of Ahwaz to suppress any signs of demonstrations or gatherings.

The spark of the uprising has spread throughout Iran, spanning into the oil-rich regions. Laborers from the petrochemical complexes in Bouchehr, Hengam, and the Kangan refinery in the occupied Arab territory of Ahwaz have united in the movement against the Iranian regime. Petrochemical workers in Asalouyeh had also initiated a work stoppage.

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