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The resilient Ahwazi woman stands tall like the imposing shadow of the mountain in the reflection of the flowing river.


The journey persists through all its rugged paths, persevering, and the struggle continues each day, with dreams still awaiting fulfillment.
Every morning, you see her join the man in his human quest, fighting to firmly anchor the concepts of justice and equality.

Through time, the Ahwazi woman has fought through the decades, remaining unwavering and persevering with imposing pride and strength in every arena, whether in rural regions or urban centers. At times within the household, at other times outside, as a farmer, laborer, teacher, engineer, physician, university professor. She enriched the artistic scene as a visual artist, poet, and writer, contributing through her art, poetry, brush strokes, and penmanship. As a sports coach, she triumphed in all championship fields, and in the realm of nurturing generations, she truly became an educator, as poets have described. Without a doubt, she stands tall in every field.

She conveyed language to us without an office, pen, or book. She is the primary teacher and educator, the one who preserved for us poetry, stories, vocabulary, and nourished us from her boundless river of generosity. She taught us art, poetry, and culture, safeguarding our national identity and our mother Arabic language.

On the occasion of International Women’s Day and in tribute to Ahwazi women and mothers, I conclude my article with these humble lines and say: Congratulations and salutations to you, the angel of the earth and sky. May peace be upon you from the day you were born, to be our warm refuge during our childhood, a haven of safety and peace for our hopes and aspirations. And the day you soar like a butterfly in our skies, departing peacefully to your true resting place.

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