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Two Ahwazi youth martyred in confrontation with Persian occupation forces.


Two Ahwazi youth were martyred in a confrontation with the terrorist Persian occupation forces, who practice killing and arresting the sons of the Arab people of Ahwaz.

Ahwazi youth “Farhan Suleiman Al-Kaabi” and Aref Al-Sharifawi were martyred in a confrontation with the terrorist Persian occupation police, in repelling the attempt of the Persian occupation forces to raid their homes during the days of Eid al-Fitr.

The terrorist occupation forces raided the house of Farhan Suleiman Al-Kaabi with large forces in order to arrest Farhan Al-Kaabi from his home, but the young Ahwazi confronted them with great courage, which resulted in the injury of an officer of the occupation forces.

Although there is more than one way to arrest Farhan instead of killing him brutally and criminally, this is the usual Persian method of criminality, as they always shoot wanted Ahwazi riders and shed their blood without any legal justification, regardless of the charges against them.

It was known about Farhan that he was brave and refused to surrender himself to these brutal forces, as he pulled out his gun and clashed with the Persian security forces and wounded one of their officers until he ran out of ammunition, and after that he tried to escape from the house, which was previously cordoned off by the men of the criminal state, which showered him with a barrage of live bullets when he escaped ,

He was wounded by several bullets in his back and body, then he was arrested yesterday and taken to the hospital, but he died today of his wounds.

Also, the martyrdom of Aref Al-Sharifawi at the hands of the Iranian intelligence services, after he was chased and persecuted, due to his patriotic political activity, in addition to the advocacy order of the Sunnis.

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