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The message of the King of Britain to Prince Sheikh Khazal emphasizes the security and prosperity of the Ahwaz nation.  ‘A photo’


A historical document revealed the relations between the occupied Arab state of Ahwaz during the reign of the Emir of Ahwaz Sheikh Khazal ibn Jaber al Mirdao and the Kingdom of Great Britain, before a plot was formed to occupy the Arab state of Ahwaz in 1925.

The document indicated that King George V of Great Britain, in a letter to the Emir of Ahwaz, Sheikh Khazal bin Jaber Al Mirdao, in 1912, praised the state of security in the Arab State of Ahwaz and the need to deal effectively with foreigners, especially English nationals in the Principality of Ahwaz.

In his private letter to the Prince of Ahwaz, Sheikh Khazal bin Jaber Al Mardaw, delivered by the English Consul in the city of Muhammara, the British King emphasized that “the era of Sheikh Khazal’s rule witnessed complete security throughout Arabistan (Ahwaz) and in fact no English person was subjected to robbery or abuse there. Therefore, to renew our alliance, we present to him our image as a souvenir.”

In 1912, the English Consul in the city of Muhammarah handed over a picture of the British King and his special message to the Prince of Ahwaz during a ceremony held on this occasion in the presence of the British community in Muhammarah, princes from the ruling family and other Ahwazi personalities.

The document confirms that the rights of the Al-Ahwazi people to restore their Arab state occupied by the Persians, and explains that the Al-Ahwazi people had a prosperous and civilized Arab state, but the conspiracies that were hatched against the Prince of Al-Ahwaz, Sheikh Khazal bin Jaber Al Mardaw, and his Arab state were planned to overthrow a ruling model An Arab capable of progress and prosperity, and building strong relations with the great powers of the world at the time, the Kingdom of Britain.



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