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A secret document confirms the use of the Ahvaz paper by America and Britain to curb Iranian influence


An important document appeared in the Ahwazi issue, which was recently referred to by Ahwazi intellectuals, a document on the file of the conflict between Bahrain and the Iranian occupation state during 1969.

The document contains a secret message among many messages that were exchanged between the British Embassy in Tehran, Kuwait and Washington, D.C., the foreign and Commonwealth Office, the political residency in the Gulf, the various political accreditation houses in the Gulf, and the British mission to the United Nations.

The document revealed the advice of the then US Secretary of State William B. Rogers, to the Iranian ambassador to the United States, hoshink Ansari, about not transferring the file of the Bahraini-Iranian conflict to the Security Council or the United Nations in order to avoid that the Arab countries, in return, put forward the issue of Ahwaz and its Arabness to the council .

If this happens and the issue of Ahwaz is presented, Russia is sure to support it, at that time Washington advised Iran not to bring this matter to the UN Security Council.

The position of the representative of the British government to the United Nations, Lord Caradon, was similar to the American position, where Lord Caradon’s advice was conveyed to the Iranian representative to the United Nations, Mehdi Wakil; that the proposal for UN intervention looms dangerous even for the British side.
On the other hand, all efforts should be made to resolve the conflict outside this organization; and appreciation that dealing with Bahrain’s dispute at the United Nations may provoke a hostile reaction from Arab countries, despite the fact that the kingdom of Bahrain is a fully sovereign Arab state ruled by Arab rulers for centuries, and the Iranian occupation authorities had no authority over Bahrain or its rulers.

Both the United States of America waved the paper of the Arab Ahwaz issue and the suffering of its people to deter Shah Mohammad Reza Pahlavi and his ambition to cross to the Second Bank of the Arabian Gulf, and it has already succeeded in this.
Since that time, the Ahwazi issue has become a pressure card in the face of Persian influence, used by Arabs and non-Arabs whenever necessary.


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