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A book by “Bin Battuta” confirms the Arab identity and independence of the Al-Ahwaz state


There is no Arab who denies the Arab identity of the Ahwaz state, which is now under the control of the Iranian occupation. Ahwaz activists have highlighted what the traveler Ibn Battuta said in one of his books about the Arab identity and independence of Ahwaz.
Where the traveler “Ibn Battuta” mentioned in his book “Tuḥfet ün-nuẓẓār fī ġarā’ib il-emṣār” that the historical city of Rams, which is the largest historical city in ancient Elam “currently occupied Ahwaz.”
Ibn Battuta referred to the city and the name of one of its greats, and this reference is considered another undeniable paper from the past history of the occupied Arab Ahwaz, which acknowledges that it was once a completely independent Arab state with Arab rulers.
Ibn Battuta said, “We reached the city of rams. The first letter of his name is written with the letter “A”, it is a fertile city with many fruit trees and rivers, and I stayed there for one night.
Ibn Battuta added, “I met there with the city judge Husam al-Din Mahmoud, a man of science and religion of Indian origin known as Baha Sh, whose real name is Ismail. He was one of the sons of Sheikh Baha Allah Abu Zakaria al-Mutlani.
Ibn Battuta, who died in the year 9 AD (late fourth century AD), passed away.
The Persian occupation state continues to usurp the Arab lands of Al-Ahwaz, which is matched by the attempts of the Ahwazi youth heroes to confront them, despite the attempts to arrest and abuse them and imprison them in Persian prisons. Innocent youth.
Despite the attempt of the criminal Persian occupation authorities to desecrate the Arab culture, especially targeting Ahwazi children, which Ahwaz always meet, especially children, with resistance, clinging to their Arabism. Therefore, the attempt of the criminal occupation has failed, as Ahwazi children remain clinging to their Arab dress despite the machine of persecution and abuse, most of the occupied Arab cities of Ahwaz are still Her children keep the Arab dress.
The heroes of the occupied Arab Ahwaz are struggling with the Persian occupation, which has usurped its lands and seized its wealth for tens of years.

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