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The executive of the Arab Ahwaz declares its solidarity with the Brussels demonstrators against the Iranian regime


The executive of the Arab state of Ahvaz announced its support for the demonstrators in Brussels, which was organized today to protest against the criminal authorities of Iran because of the killings and arrests of demonstrators.

The press office of the executive of the occupied Arab state of Ahvaz confirms that the executive joins the demonstrators to demand the international system to move against the ruling regime in Tehran, which expressed the will of the peoples within the so-called geography of Iran of Persians, Arabs, Baluch and Kurds .

We also call on the international community to take action against the killing machine practiced by Iran against the Peoples occupied by Iran.

The occupation authorities are committing crimes against humanity against the peoples of the demonstrators, who are striving for their freedom, dignity and the restoration of their occupied territories.

The occupied Ahwazi Arab people and the executive committee of the Ahwazi Arab state stand with all strength and effort on the side of the demonstrators in the face of the crimes and repression of the Revolutionary Guard terrorist militias.

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