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Memorandum of Cooperation between the Euro-Mediterranean Organization and the Executive Committee of the State of Ahwaz.

The Executive Committee to restore the legitimacy of the state of Ahwaz has taken an important step that enhances the legitimacy of the right of the Ahwaz people to establish their independent state by signing a memorandum of cooperation with the Euro-Mediterranean Refugee Organization based in Brussels in Belgium.

The memorandum, which was signed at the headquarters of the Executive Committee in Brussels and its head, Dr. Aref Al-Kaabi, and the Euro-Mediterranean Organization, its Secretary-General, Faisal Fulad, based in Belgium, stipulated the following:

Establishing business, activities, joint work, cooperation, exerting effort, employing all available training, relational and legal capabilities and means in achieving the goals, organizing training courses to build a pressure group system, providing all kinds of cooperation in the areas of training work and relations in communication with civil society and the Arab-European human rights community, and supporting strategic partnerships with Competent authorities, holding joint events, seminars and conferences in the field of human rights, providing support for workshops and training courses, exchanging experiences, information, consultations and publications of common importance.

Developing communication in accordance with the objectives of humanitarian diplomacy and tools for mobilization and advocacy with houses of expertise and research centers, establishing academic partnerships to contribute to human rights and legal work, and organizing political initiatives with the aim of improving cooperation with the various European Union institutions, developing the relationship with the European Commission and its programs, and strengthening the accreditation mechanisms of the Executive Committee of the High Commission. For refugees and improve the performance of Ahwaz migrants and refugees.




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