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Details of the increase in Ahwazi oil imports to China


Everyone knows that more than 85% of the oil of the Persian occupation is originally the oil of the occupied Arab Ahwaz after the usurpation of its land and the theft of its resources, which the Persian regime does not provide any reports on oil exports and revenues to public opinion, in light of the deprivation of its people of it despite the living conditions facing them
Chinese oil purchases of stolen Ahwaz oil have reached a very high level in recent months, despite the sanctions imposed on Iran.
A tracker of oil tankers estimated that what is exported to China averaged 780,000 barrels per day.
China doubled its purchases of cheap oil last year from countries subject to US sanctions, namely Iran and Venezuela.

Despite this, the administration of US President Joe Biden has not yet imposed sanctions on any Chinese individuals or companies in the midst of negotiations to revive the nuclear agreement, as a US State Department spokesman said that Washington was aware of China’s purchase of oil from Iran, and raised the issue with Beijing.
“China is an important trading partner for Iran, so our talks with Beijing about the best way to re-commit to the nuclear deal include discussions on implementing sanctions,” he added.
There is no doubt that all the military activities carried out by Khamenei and his associates are financed by stolen Ahwaz oil, and this is what led to the destruction of the countries of the region and the financing of the militia affiliated with the Iranian occupation
Where the commander of the Khatam al-Anbiya headquarters of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards militia, Hussein Hosh al-Sadat, said that the leaders received crude oil from the government in exchange for the debts that the government owes.
One of the leaders of the Revolutionary Guards militia admitted receiving oil, and this confirms the activity of this military force in return for receiving crude oil inside the country.
The Persian authorities are now conducting their dealings with other countries at the expense of Al-Ahwaz and its resources. In light of the sanctions, which the occupying power always disregards, the Pakistani government proposed to Iran to exchange Pakistani rice for oil saturated from Al-Ahwaz.

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