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The Oil Treasure of Ahwaz… Masjed Soleyman, the heart of the Elamite civilization.


Masjed Soleyman, nestled at the eastern tip of the occupied Arab state of Ahwaz, is the treasured oil asset of Ahwaz. It houses the oil wells looted by the Persian occupation, the revenues of which fund terrorist groups and undermine the stability of Arab states.

The town’s name is believed to stem from local beliefs associated with the remnants of an Achaemenid palace known as “Ersleiman”, translating to “Solomon’s Mosque”. Its foundation dates back to the time of the Elam civilization (Elamite).

Location of Masjed Soleyman

The city of Masjed Soleyman is located to the northeast of Ahwaz and is 125 kilometers from the main city of Ahwaz. It is bordered to the north by the Qanatreh region, to the east by Izeh of Ahwaz, and to the west by Tustar.

According to a recent census, it spans an area of 6,986 square kilometers. Annual rainfall ranges between 200 and 450 mm, generally decreasing from north to south. Summer temperatures can reach a high of 54 degrees Celsius.

Climate and Sites of Masjed Soleyman

Climatically, Masjed Soleyman has a semi-arid climate. Its northern areas experience a cold winter with snowfalls and a moderate summer due to its proximity to the Zagros mountains. However, the southern regions enjoy a pleasant spring, a hot and dry summer, a mild autumn, and a mild winter.

Among the most magnificent areas is the Golgir plain, located 38 kilometers northeast of Masjed Soleyman. This plain, with significant tourist potential, surpasses many other regions. The Golgir spring emits sulfurous waters that naturally bubble from the earth’s depths. These waters are warm in winter and autumn and cool in summer and spring. Due to their sulfur content, they have many therapeutic properties, especially for treating joint pains.

There’s also the Najin waterfall, located in the village of the same name, a secluded and remote place between the mountains and plains of the “Shanbar” region, north of Lake Masjed Salman. The best way to reach this waterfall is to take the path leading from Masjed Soleyman to the village of “Ab Shalal”. From there, a walk of about four hours leads to the untouched and breathtakingly beautiful village of Najin.

At the base of the waterfall lies the stunning Najin plain leading to the shores of the Shahid Abbaspur dam lake. Picturesque and idyllic landscapes, meadows filled with anemones on oak-covered slopes, stunning rock formations, and above all, deep and impressive valleys, all add to the splendor of this region.

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