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Al Kaabi welcomes the Sharm el Sheikh World Climate Summit and exposes Iran’s environmental excesses in Ahwaz.



Aref al-Kaabi, Chief Executive of the occupied Arab state of Ahwaz, welcomed the annual United Nations Climate Summit, which was launched today in Sharm el Sheikh, Egypt, under the title “A Defining Moment”.

Al Kaabi appreciated Egypt’s stance on the issue of climate change and the use of the summit to negotiate a “historic agreement” to reduce carbon emissions in light of the summit’s global presence, which reaches over 120 country leaders in the Red Sea resort of Sharm el-Sheikh.

Al-Kaabi also pointed out that what Iran has been doing since its occupation of Al-Ahwaz in 1925 of soil erosion and burning of forests, the policy of water theft and thirst, and the demographic change in Al-Ahwaz is to consolidate the policy of settlement in the occupied Arab Al-Ahwaz. This has put the lives of humans, animals and plants at risk. This is in addition to the nuclear activities in Ahwaz, which claimed the lives of many innocent people.

He appealed to the brotherly Egyptian state and the Arab and international media to put Iran’s transgressions inside Ahwaz on the agenda of the summit, and to take decisions that protect the Ahwazi environment from collapse and destruction as a result of Iran’s criminal practices.

Al-Kaabi concluded his statement by saying, “We wish the Arab Republic of Egypt, the Arab leaders, and the leaders of the major countries success in coming up with decisions that preserve the global climate.”

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