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The current benefits of Ahwaz.. An extension of the antiquity of history


As usual, Ahwaz is filled with goods, and during its long history it has gone through various periods in which riches have grown tremendously, and Ashurbanipal found it when he seized and plundered it in 646 BC.Gold and silver, precious stones, royal jewels, precious clothes, luxurious furniture, and chariots were taken by the conquerors after them to Nineveh.

The Elamite culture, like the rest of the cultures, was built around trade and resources, as the location of Elam was rich agriculturally, which not only provided sufficient food and security for the Elamites, but was a well-established source of sale to other countries because the region on which the Elamite civilization was built for thousands of years represented an important point of trade due to its location along the Arabian Gulf in addition to its proximity to the main shipping routes via land and sea.as a result, the people of Elam benefited from the wealth, works of art and resources of many other cultures, which led to the Elamite culture being one of the richest world cultures.

Like any civilization, Elam had its first rulers shutruk nakhonte and reigned from 1185 BC to 1155 BC, defeated the Kassites and created the short-lived Elamite Empire conquered by Nebuchadnezzar I of Babylon for about 40 years in 1120 BC.M.

As for Kotik enshushinak, he was the king of Elam around 2100 BC, he conquered Anshan and managed to unite most of Elam into one kingdom, and encouraged the use of the Universal linear script to write the Elamite language.therefore, most of the inscriptions written in the language of the linear civilization of Elam date back to the reign of Kotik enshushinak, but his achievements were not long-lasting because after his death the linear script fell into the wind.

Ortaku, ruling from 676 BC to 664 BC, relations between Elam and Babylon became more tenuous during his reign, and after his death the Assyrian king asurbanipal launched a canoe attack during an attack on Mesopotamia that led to the occupation of Elam by the Assyrians.

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