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The crimes of the occupation… The contamination of drinking water in Ahwaz poses a threat to the spread of cholera.


Local sources have revealed an increase in complaints from the Arab citizens of Ahwaz regarding the pollution of drinking water, raising concerns about the cholera epidemic in several regions of Ahwaz’s villages. However, the Iranian authorities have not taken measures to resolve the water supply crisis in Ahwaz, and the diversion of water from Ahwaz’s rivers continues.

Indicators of water quality in the villages of Ahwaz show that most of them are not suitable for consumption. The microbiological compliance of water in the western villages of Ahwaz is at 63%, with a residual chlorine content of 75%. Turbidity is at 4%, which is a cause for concern.

The Health and Food Safety Council in Al-Ahwaz warned of an outbreak of cholera at the beginning of the fall season, which is transmitted through contaminated water and food.

The cholera microbe can remain in the water tank for two weeks and in the stool of patients for two to eight days.

The Ahwaz Health Council expressed its dissatisfaction with the process of disinfecting drinking water in Ahwaz, warning of the danger this poses to the health of Ahwazis.

The Ahwaz Health Council explained that setting these indicators in the rural sector is inappropriate and explained: The microbial content of water in western Ahwaz villages is 63%, the residual chlorine content is 75%, and the turbidity rate is 4%, which is a worrying situation.

He added: Based on these indicators, for example, in terms of residual chlorine, if we have 100 villages, 37 villages suffer from water pollution, and we may have a problem with Al-Tur.

An Ahwazi citizen stated that access to safe drinking water is a right of the people of Ahwaz.

He added that as a result of the failure of the Iranian occupation to provide safe drinking water, Ahwazis are resorting to home water purification devices (water filters) because tap water in Ahwaz is not suitable for drinking.

Another Ahwazi citizen also criticized the poor quality of water in most areas of Ahwaz, saying that sometimes the water becomes turbid and changes color, and is not even suitable for washing.

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