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Report confirms: Russia pays 10 billion dollars to the Iranian occupation to build the Bushehr nuclear plant in Ahwaz

A report by the “Washington Free Beacon” newspaper revealed that the Russian state company, Rosatom, is planning to enter into a contract worth 10 billion dollars with the Iranian occupation state to build the Bushehr nuclear power plant located in the occupied Arab Ahwaz.
The report showed documents between the Russian and Iranian side, and the Russian company “Rosatom” has announced since 2018 that experts have begun work on cementing the soil at the site of the future “Bushehr-2” nuclear power unit in Iran, as a basic stage before the start of the construction process.
Therefore, US Senate Republicans submitted a bill that would prevent the lifting of sanctions on Iran, and invalidate the Biden administration’s decision in February to grant China and Russia exemptions from sanctions to participate in Iran’s civilian nuclear projects.
Ted Cruz said, “The Biden government is turning Iran into a client of Putin, including allocating $10 billion to fund his war machine.”
and what is worth to mention
Al-Ahwaz website previously highlighted the Ahwazi disasters in Bushehr in a detailed report, after several neighboring Arab countries expressed concern about the safety of the Bushehr power plant, which would harm the lives of the residents of these countries.

The Persian occupation has exploited the lands of the Arab state of Ahwaz since its occupation to implement its nuclear plans. Officials of the Bushehr plant in Ahwaz, designated for nuclear energy, announced the continuation of its work after the recent earthquake.
Earlier, widespread fire erupted at the entrance to the Ahwazi city of Bushehr, which includes the “Bushehr” nuclear plant, within the Iranian army’s naval area in the city of Bushehr. The Army Navy is in Bushehr and no one has been hurt so far.
And the Persian occupation authorities always put the lives of Al-Ahwaz in nuclear danger or neglect. The Persian intention to exclude the occupied Arab Ahwaz, assuming them to expel them and settle the Persians in their place, continues and increases day after day, while Khamenei and Rouhani spend millions of dollars of funds to support terrorism and destabilize Arab countries.

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