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The Ahwaz resident, Mortada Abu Turki Al Sharifi, was brutally killed by the occupation militia.


The intelligence services of the Iranian occupier orchestrated a massive wave of arrests in most areas of the occupied Arab state of Ahwaz. Dozens of forces, backed by the police and the Persian Basij militias, violently raided homes in the city of Al Hamidiyah.

He directed this campaign in search of Murtada Abu Turki Al-Sharifi, who refused to surrender himself to the Iranian occupation authorities.

Which led to him being shot brutally, and Al-Sharifi resisted them for more than hours until he was martyred, the day before yesterday, Saturday, at the hands of the criminals of the Iranian terrorist regime.

The martyr Mortada Al-Sharifi is from the Al-Ain neighborhood in the Arab state of Al-Ahwaz.

The Iranian occupation authorities are doubling their repressive methods in occupied Ahvaz these days, in a crazy manner that anticipates events.

The militia launches continuous campaigns during which it arrests defenseless people of Ahwaz and inflicts killing, imprisonment, intimidation and terror on them in implementation of the racist policies practiced by the Iranian occupation authorities.

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