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On the Iraqi President’s speech. Al Kaabi demands COP27 summit to stop Iran’s environmental crimes in Ahwaz

Dr. Aref Al Kaabi, Chief Executive Officer of the occupied Arab State of Ahwaz, welcomed the statement made by the President of Iraq, Dr. Abdul Latif Rashid, to the COP27 summit on addressing the challenges posed by climate change, in which he implied that preserving the environment of Ahwaz constitutes an important part of preserving the environmental balance map in Iraq – and in our opinion – throughout the region.

Al Kaabi added that mentioning the impact of the environment of the Ahwaz State and its importance in the environmental balance in Iraq before an important international forum on climate change demonstrates and underscores the importance of Ahwaz in the environmental balance in the Arab Gulf region, especially for Iraq, particularly for southern Iraq and the Mesopotamian Marshes.

From this standpoint, we assure the leaders of the COP27 summit that facing the challenges posed by climate change necessitates that they work to put a file on climate change in Ahwaz among the files of the summit.

Al-Kaabi stressed that the Persian occupation state and the crimes it committed against the Ahwazi Arab citizen and the Ahwazi environment, such as diverting rivers, building dams, burning and cutting thousands of hectares of forests in Ahwaz, threatens the wildlife and ecological balance in the occupied Arab state, Iraq, Kuwait and the rest of the region.

And with the Iraqi president’s talk about the importance of Al-Ahwaz in maintaining the ecological balance, we call on the leaders of the Sharm El-Sheikh summit to issue a decision in order to save wildlife, protect the environment and ecological balance in the occupied Arab state of Al-Ahwaz, which is originally one of the duties of the occupying power under international law.

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