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Meeting in Brussels… The head of the Ahwaz state executive discusses with the Syrian “HADAS” delegation confronting the Iranian occupation.


Dr. Aref Al-Kaabi, President of the Arab State of Ahwaz Executive, welcomed in the executive headquarters in the Belgian capital “Brussels”, Hussam Miro, leader of the Syrian Constitutional Party “HADAS”, and Hisham Al-Masalma, the foreign relations officer in “HADAS”.
Al-Kaabi and the “HADAS” delegation discussed the situation in the occupied Arab State of Ahwaz and Syria, and the Iranian role in sabotaging the two countries and attempts to impose Persian dominance over Ahwaz and Syria.
The two sides also exchanged views on confronting Iranian influence in the region, supporting the struggle of the occupied peoples against the Iranian occupation, and the dangers of this occupation to the identity of the peoples and the threat to the stability and security of the region.
The meeting also addressed the Iranian occupation’s plans to adopt a demographic change approach in the occupied countries, attempting to impose the Iranian identity on the occupied peoples, and how to confront it through cultural awareness and exposing the Iranian occupation’s methods in attempts to change the identity and geographic demographics, especially in Ahwaz and Syria.

The two parties pointed to the necessity of activating the arena of national democratic struggle in the Syrian diaspora, especially in Europe, where there is a political climate that allows freedom of opinion and civil action.
Al-Kaabi, during his speech, addressed the struggle of the Ahwaz people and the role of the Ahwaz executive in this struggle, emphasizing the continuity of the national struggle of the Ahwaz people at various levels.
The President of the Arab State of Ahwaz Executive pointed out that this struggle takes a continuous form over time, encompassing all political, social, economic, and cultural aspects.
Dr. Al-Kaabi emphasized the role of the Ahwaz executive in this struggle, noting that it plays a significant role in directing efforts and organizing activities and initiatives aimed at achieving the goals of the Arab Ahwaz people in recovering their occupied state.
The President of the Arab State of Ahwaz Executive affirmed that this body is working hard to build international and regional alliances that support the rights of the Ahwaz people and contribute to achieving their aspirations for establishing a modern democratic national Ahwazi state.
Dr. Al-Kaabi concluded his speech by emphasizing the importance of continuing the struggle and sacrifice to achieve this noble goal, and the necessity of determination and resolve in defending the rights of the Ahwaz people against the Iranian occupation.

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