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Sheikh Khazal Al-Kaabi.. The free revolutionary is the bomber of revolutions and the owner of the record of the struggle against the occupation


Since the occupation of the Arab state of Ahwaz by the Persian occupier, its people have not been silent about this theft of their land and have been defending the occupied land for decades.

Since the martyrdom of Sheikh Khazal Al-Kaabi until now, the Sons of al-Ahrar have not stopped following him in his struggle against the occupation .

Tensions were exploded by the Iranian occupation authorities with the sheikh of Al-muhammara Khazal Al-Kaabi from 1922 to 1924.

With the increasing March of the struggle, Khazal Al-Kaabi began a revolution, during which dozens of free youth were martyred, where the atmosphere of conflict between the revolutionaries led by Sheikh Khazal Al-Kaabi and the brutal occupation authorities increased .

Under the rule of Sheikh Khazal, he set an example in building and reconstruction in Ahwaz , and the most prominent thing that was said about this period was that ” what Ahwaz is witnessing under the leadership of its Emir, Prince Sheikh Khazal Al-Kaabi, is setting an example in light of the destruction and devastation experienced by the Islamic lands, and that Sheikh Khazal Al-Kaabi, a man of “reconstruction” and construction, Ahwaz today (the time of Sheikh Khazal Ali) is a house of construction and construction.

The Egyptian writer Christ of Antioch says about Sheikh Khazal Al-Kaabi,”with a narrow gap, free-natured, attractive look, eloquent accent, Meek, friendly to his guests, honest emotions with grace and fluency, Halim when able, compassion for the guilty, pious and pious, a sincere Muslim who prays the five times, a valiant hero when Wars Clash

Abd Al-Masih Al-Antaki wrote the protected emirate of Al-muhammara and the greatness of its noble and just Emir Sheikh Khazal Al-Kaabi, from what they knew in Iraq as a resolute Prince and a venerable Sheikh, on whose hands the great things run and please the honors and magnanimities.

For decades, the Persian occupation has been trying to portray what is happening inside Ahwaz as a religious or ethnic dispute between Sunni and Shiite Arabs and trying in every way to show the Ahwaz that they want independence because of this religious dispute, while the Persian occupation government denies the existence of ethnic discrimination or conflict in the country.

Despite the successive divisions of the occupation, the Ahwazi people will not remain silent on their right and continued to defend such existential issues, and this cost them a lot of blood, as the Iranian settlement in Ahwaz was the main reason for the outbreak of the April 2005 uprising in the region due to the leaking of a letter from Mohammad Ali Abtahi, the director of the Office of the former Iranian occupation President Khatami, about the project to change the population nature in the Arab Ahwaz in favor of the Iranians.

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