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Media reports warn the Persian government against transferring Ahwazi water to other provinces.


Persian media shed light on the water crisis in the occupied Arab Ahwaz, warning against the government’s current policies in managing the water issue.

The Persian media report stated that “instead of managing the crisis, the government is multiplying its negative effects by carrying out a water transfer project from water-rich areas to arid provinces, creating a drought and agricultural crisis in Ahwaz.”

For decades, the Persian occupation did not stop stealing Ahwazi lands under the eyes and ears of the international community without moving the matter.
Over the course of decades, the occupation has robbed the resources of Al-Ahwaz, including oil and water, and is trying to seize what remains of the lands of the simple citizens, with the clear goal of completing the resettlement plan and pushing these simple people to emigrate due to the many restrictions on them, in order to settle the Persians in their place.
Earlier, the Al-Ahwaz website highlighted in a report that reveals the way in which Al-Ahwaz water is stolen and delivered to Persian cities.
The Arab state of Al-Ahwaz suffers from disasters from the water problem due to the theft of water and its delivery to the Persian provinces, just as they steal and smuggle oil. The Deputy Governor of Al-Ahwaz, Fadel Ebayat, admitted that less than 70% of the villages enjoy safe drinking water.

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