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In a statement to the Ahwazi people, Sheikh Ali Jaber states that the Ahwaz Executive Committee is working on internationalizing the issue of Ahwaz.


The Sheikh, Ali Jaber Abdulhamid Al Sheikh Khazaal, reassured the Arab people of Ahwaz in a statement that the committee is tirelessly working towards internationalizing the Ahwazi cause and ultimately achieving the dream of the Ahwazi people in recognizing the legitimacy of the real state of Ahwaz.

Sheikh Ali Jaber stated in his message, “My brothers and sisters within the occupied Arab state of Ahwaz, I reassure you and the entire great Ahwazi people that we are working very hard and without hesitation for a long time now through the Executive Committee of the state of Ahwaz, led by Dr. Aref Al-Ka’bi, which is based in the Kingdom of Belgium.

Sheikh Ali Jaber explained that “this committee is run on two axes, the legal and the political, with the aim of internationalization and then the recognition of the legitimacy of your occupied state.”

Sheikh Ali Jaber added, “Praise be to God, we have achieved a lot, but the road is still bumpy and long to achieve the desired goal.”

Sheikh Ali Jaber continued, saying, “Therefore, we ask you to combine your efforts and support for the brothers in the Executive Committee, in the media and morally, so that we can achieve the aspiration of the proud Ahwazi people stationed at home.”

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