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Broad Arab solidarity with the Ahwaz revolution: Freedom is near


Supporting Arab activists on social media
I am aware of the Ahwazi revolution, against the Persian occupation, stressing that the Ahwazi revolution, with the heroism and sacrifices of the Ahwazi people, will triumph over the dictatorial regime in Tehran.
Activists on Twitter said that the Ahwazi revolution is the revolution of the heroes and the brave, in the face of the bullets of Khamenei’s terrorist militia, and the Ahwazi Arab people have demonstrated their strength and steadfastness in the face of military mechanisms and attempts at demographic change for more than 9 decades.
Arab activists expressed their support for the Ahwazi revolution, and for the heroism of the people of Abadan, Khorramshahr, Ahwaz, Al-Ahwaz, Al-Salihiya, Izh, Quneitra, Sous, Maashur, and Taster, and all the Ahwazi cities that came out for the justice of their national cause in ending the Persian occupation of an Arab country.
The Saudi tweeter Abu Malik Rida Al-Anazi said, “Our prayers are for the people of Ahwaz to have victory over the Persians and secession in a free and proud independent state.”
The tweeter Saad Al-Shammari considered the Ahwaz revolution and the occupied peoples from Tehran the beginning of the end of the mullahs’ regime, saying, “In short, the international situation and Iran, military attacks by Kurdish revolutionaries, assassinations of leaders and figures in the Iranian regime, demonstrations of the Iranian people, demonstrations of Ahwaz, demonstrations of #Baluchistan Draw the map of the end of the regime.”
“The uprising in Ahwaz side by side with the peoples against the mullahs’ regime, The Guardianship of the Islamic Jurist, stole the people’s wealth to export chaos in the region,” said Mosad al-Salahi.

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