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AlKaabi: Iran’s Military exercises in the Ahwazi Strait of Hormuz carry threatening messages for international navigation


The Iranian manoeuvres in the occupied Ahwazi Strait of Hormuz are threatening messages to neighboring countries and international navigation in the Gulf, said Dr. Aref Al Kaabi, chief executive of the Arab Ahwaz state.
Aref al-Kaabi said Iran’s recent “Zulfiqar 1401 ′ maneuvers in the occupied Ahwazi Strait of Hormuz carried numerous Iranian threatening messages to neighboring countries, and a terrorist parade by the occupying power.
The chief executive of the Arab Ahwaz state added that these Iranian military exercises on the territory and waters of the Ahwaz state pose a flagrant threat to international navigation in the Persian Gulf and the Strait of Hormuz, and signal the movements of the Persian occupation in the next phase.
Al-Kaabi stressed that Iran’s expansionist project and the continued occupation of the Arab State of Ahwaz constitute a starting point for Iran to threaten neighbouring countries, Arab national security, international navigation and the world’s oil supplies, which can only be achieved through the action of regional States and the international community to recognize the occupied Arab State of Ahwaz as “Iranian.”

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