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Al-Kaabi receives a Syrian legal delegation to discuss ways of cooperation to prosecute the leaders of the Persian occupation for their crimes in Ahwaz and Syria



The chairman of the executive committee of the Arab state of Ahvaz, Dr. Arif Al-Kaabi, received a Syrian legal delegation from the criminal follow-up center who were involved in crimes amounting to war crimes in the Arab world, especially Ahvaz and Syria .

The chief executive of the state of Ahvaz discussed with the delegation aspects of cooperation with the legal committee for the executive of the state of Ahvaz in order to hunt down the leaders in the Iranian occupation army and its security services, whose hands are stained with the blood of both the Ahwazi and Syrian people.

The two sides also discussed the developments of the Ahwazi issue and the future of the situation within the geography of what is called Iran،

This interview constitutes an important step in achieving the goals of the committee and the hopes and aspirations of the Ahwazi Arab people.

The executive committee of the state of Ahvaz, led by Dr. Arif Al-Kaabi, did not spare any effort to defend the freedom of the Ahwazi people and their hopes to restore their stolen state, to be an impenetrable barrier to the Persian penetration of Arab national security in Arab countries, and a support for its brothers in the face of Persian interference and ambitions.

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