Electricity workers strike in the Jassaran petrochemical project in Ahwaz



Electricity and equipment workers in the Jassaran petrochemical project in occupied Ahwaz went on strike in protest of not receiving a salary increase.

The project’s oil, gas, and petrochemical industry workers demanded a salary increase according to their proposed list based on a 79% increase.

The workers stressed that their salaries should be paid in a timely manner without delay, and an emphasis on 20 days of work and 10 days of rest.

The electricians and appliances working in the Jaisaran project also demanded the payment of insurance money, and the improvement of transportation and health conditions.

This round of labor strikes began on Friday and has expanded. Reports received indicate that the number of factories and companies whose workers have gone on strike since Friday has reached about 45 units.
The scope of the project workers’ strike is not limited to the oil, gas and petrochemical industries, and strikes have also been formed in the steel, mining and electricity sectors.

In the wake of the runaway increase in the inflation rate in recent years and the large gap between family income and expenditure, various unions and groups, including workers, teachers and retirees, have formed large-scale protests and strikes in recent years.

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