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Ahwazis and learning in Arabic (2)


Human rights activists focusing on the situation in the occupied Ahwaz have highlighted the state of the Martyr Jasim Asakereh School in a village belonging to the city of Falahiyah, one of the Ahwazi cities suffering from poverty and a lack of services in various public facilities, especially schools, transportation, communications, healthcare facilities, cooperative societies, and other services that today constitute a fundamental element in the livelihood of humans.

During their visit to this school, the human rights activists found that the students had no desks for studying, forcing the students to sit directly on the ground for their daily education.

They also recorded other violations, including the lack of heating and sanitary facilities (no bathrooms), the school’s insufficient space for students to spend their breaks between classes, and the absence of a special place for physical education classes, which are essential as physical activities complement mental exercises.

It is worth mentioning that the Iranian occupying authorities have not provided transportation means for the Ahwazi students to reach their schools, making this unavailable service a particular obstacle, especially in winter. Furthermore, the Iranian enemy prevents schools from teaching in Arabic. Therefore, the schools are in the occupier’s Iranian language, and the curricula are provided by the Iranian government. This aims to change the concepts of Ahwazi students and indoctrinate them with the Iranian culture of indoctrination, attempting to brainwash Ahwazi students, detach them from their Arab identity, distort it, and implant Iranian concepts and culture in the minds of Ahwazi Arabs, which is a very dangerous project.

The condition of schools in the occupied Ahwaz under Iranian occupation and the difficulty of transportation means for the students is a deliberate neglect by the Iranian enemy. Thus, the education sector and schools are marginalized by the Iranian occupation authorities in the occupied Ahwaz.

The Ahwazi students suffer from a lack of attention and care for their education level, leaving the Ahwazi student incapacitated to pursue their academic achievements. Meanwhile, the Iranian enemy aims through this deliberate neglect to widen the circle of illiteracy and ignorance among the Ahwazis, especially the youth, serving the continuation of the Iranian colonization that exploits the resources of this Arab country and keeps its Ahwazi people in a state of need, poverty, and ignorance.

Thus, Iran and its rulers enjoy the riches of Ahwaz at the expense of its people, the rightful owners of the wealth exploited by successive Iranian regimes in their occupation of Arab Ahwaz since 1925, the year Iran colonized Ahwaz.

The policies of promoting ignorance and expanding illiteracy in Ahwaz are part of a large Iranian colonial plan aimed at emptying education of its content and objectives. Therefore, this policy is a cornerstone of this Iranian plan, which aims to prolong the occupation in Ahwaz and keep it under Iranian domination and control.

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