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Ahwaz.. The treasury of the Persian state


The strategic importance of Ahwaz is the most important factor for Iran’s seizure of this country rich in resources and wealth, as the Ahwazi economy accounts for 75 percent of Iran’s GDP. Being rich in natural resources of oil and gas, more than 90 percent of Tehran’s total production of natural gas and oil comes from Ahwaz.
It is worth noting that the oil reserves in the reserves constitute 10 percent of the world’s oil reserves, and 18 percent of the world’s gas reserves.
Ahwaz also produces more than 40 percent of Iran’s steel, and electrical stations in Ahwaz provide 25 percent of Iran’s electrical energy, and Ahwaz petrochemical plants produce half of Iran’s production, this has been confirmed by several studies and research, but the Iranian occupier hides these figures, and there are 40 percent of Iranian fresh water in Ahwaz, which is stolen and delivered to the Persian provinces through dams and tunnels that we have referred to before in several reports.
Ahwaz has vast areas of fertile agricultural land, which the occupier has often bulldozed, and into which one of the largest rivers in the region flows, the Karon River, which waters the fertile agricultural plains.
Ahwaz is the main producer of a number of crops, including sugar and corn, which benefit the Persian occupier, and the existing resources contribute to more than half of Iran’s net national product, and more than 80 percent of the value of exports in Iran.
As for the ports of Ahwaz, through which 80% of the export and import operations are carried out, as for the Natural Resources, Ahwaz is the richest region on Earth, and yet the poorest people live there .

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