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Continuous attempts by the occupation militia to storm the Ahwaz protests


Khamenei’s criminal forces tried to storm the protests taking place in the valiant city of Abadan, thinking that they could quell these burning demonstrations.
After social media activists circulated, video clips showing the expulsion of Khamenei’s militia from Amiri Street in the center of the city of Abadan, after trying to quell their demonstrations, which spread to most of the cities, villages and neighborhoods of Ahwaz.
Earlier, Khamenei’s special forces with the Iranian Revolutionary Guards militia attacked the demonstrators in Abadan again. This comes in light of the occupation authorities’ cutting off the Internet, and the activists were unable to document and transmit the Persian violations against them.
The demonstrations were renewed in the city of Abadan, with angry and overwhelming rallies in all the neighborhoods and villages surrounding the city.

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