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A report has uncovered that dozens of areas in Al-Ahwaz lack access to basic services and infrastructure.


An Iranian report revealed that dozens of areas in the occupied Arab Ahwaz region are deprived of services and infrastructure despite its abundant resources, but the occupier state has deprived the Ahwazi Arab people of them.

Estimates indicate that 10% of Ahwaz city consists of wealthy neighborhoods and half of the city consists of poor neighborhoods, which are general and undistinguished.

Among the 133 neighborhoods in Ahwaz city, there are 47 relatively deprived and 17 poor neighborhoods, which means that half of Ahwaz city is allocated to deprived and poor areas, revealing the policy of marginalization and discrimination of the Persian occupation against the Ahwazi Arab people.

Many villages, cities and remote areas in Al-Ahwaz are facing negligence by the Persian occupation in finishing the infrastructure of drinking water, electricity and sewage, the delivery of natural gas and a shortage in the number of schools and hospitals, as well as the existence of dozens of unpaved side roads.

The most demanded of the citizens of Al-Ahwaz is the interruption and poor quality of drinking water, street asphalt, incompetence of officials, low level of social security, high air pollution, water shortage, high rates of poverty and unemployment, lack of comfort and recreational facilities, inadequate urban sewage disposal and means of transportation. General inadequacy and lack of educational facilities and traffic problems.

Completing infrastructure projects can help solve people’s problems as well as develop these areas, and this should be one of the priority activities of the authorities.

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