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The Ahwazi people did not remain silent against the Persian occupation.. Dozens of uprisings recorded by history


The free Ahwazi people have not been silent on the Persian occupier over the past years, as history records 15 uprisings and the Ahwazi revolution5 against the Iranian central regime, and they are as follows:
1 – the uprising of the Ghulman led by the martyrs Shalish and Sultan on July 22, 1925.
2-the uprising of Sheikh Abdul Mohsen al-Khaqani before Tehran eliminated him with the help of Britain.
3-the hawizeh uprising led by the prominent martyr Muhyiddin Mercury, the head of the Sharfa clans in 1928.
4-the Bani TARF uprising (the first) in 1936.
5-the uprising of the Kaab Al-DBEIS clan led by its leader Sheikh Haider al-Kaabi in the minao region on the DBEIS River in 1940.
6 – the ghajariya uprising led by Sheikh jassib bin Sheikh Khazal Al-Kaabi in 1943.
7-an uprising led by Sheikh Abdullah bin Sheikh Khazal Al-Kaabi in 1944.
8-the second Bani tufr uprising in 1945.
9-an uprising led by Sheikh Madhur Al-Kaabi in 1946 and his supporters.
10-the uprising of the Nassar clan in 1946.
11-an uprising led by Sheikh Younis al-Assi in the areas of Al-khafakah and Al-busaytin in 1949.
12 – after the spread of the Nasserist tide throughout the Arab world and the liberation movements that emerged from the womb of the Nasserist Cairo at that time, the Nasserist political organization appeared in Ahvaz in 1956, which bore the name of the Arabistan Liberation Front, an organization that received all kinds of support from Cairo, whether weapons, money or the media, until the leaders of this organization were assassinated after the Israeli Mossad provided the Shah with information about the whereabouts of the Ahvaz leaders who were ready to launch a revolution against the Shah regime after meeting with leader Gamal Abdel Nasser in Cairo, until Nasser and Isa Al-mazkhur and trained Al-Nasser and hundreds of Ahwazi youth in 1963 before they were liquidated.
13-in 1979, after the fall of the Shah’s regime, the Ahwazi people worked to take advantage of the opportunity and get out from under the control of Iran, but the Khomeini regime came more cruel to them and destroyed all the steps taken by the Ahwazi people.
14-6 years after the Khomeini regime, i.e. in 1985, the spark of the Ahwaz uprising returned again after an absence, but it was met with a very fierce reaction from the Khomeini regime.
15-the latest of the uprisings, which bore the name “April Ahwazi Uprising”, is the uprising that started in mid-April 2015, after the issuance of the Iranian President Mohammad Khatami’s document, which indicates that the Iranian regime is coming to completely change the demographics of Ahwazi after Khatami demanded in the document to displace two-thirds of the Ahwazi population and distribute them to different Iranian provinces and replace them with Iranians.6

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