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The poets of Bani Kaab in Iraq, Ahwaz, and the Arabian Peninsula from pre-Islamic times to the contemporary era.


Today, the Ahwaz website highlights a work on the poets of Bani Kaab from Iraq, Ahwaz, and the Arabian Peninsula, spanning from the pre-Islamic period to the present time, written by Mohammed Fahd Al-Fars.

The significance of this work is underscored by its poetic contribution, which is an anthology of Arabic poems, as it portrays their life, their era, and their lifestyle.

The book captures the poetry of the prominent poets of the Bani Kaab tribe, from pre-Islamic times to the present. In addition to introducing the tribe in terms of lineage and origin, the book delves into classical Arabic, Nabataean, popular Iraqi, and Ahwazi poetry, as well as the contributions of the poets from the Bani Kaab tribe in each of these styles.

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