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The Mullahs’ Atrocity… Severing Drinking Water Supply to Susangerd



The authorities of the occupying regime and the Iranian terrorist groups have enacted a heinous act by cutting off the potable water supply to residences in the Susangerd region, situated in the western part of the occupied Arab territory of Ahwaz.
Over the course of the last two days, the city of Ahwaz and its adjacent areas have been grappling with a complete cessation of access to clean drinking water, leaving the entire population devoid of this indispensable necessity.
The Arab enclave of Ahwaz finds itself on the brink of an impending drought, a result of the policy pursued by the Persian occupiers, whereby water is diverted from Ahwaz to Persian urban centers, culminating in a reduction in the water levels of Ahwaz’s rivers.
The water crisis in Ahwaz encompasses various facets, including shifts in climate, drought occurrences, and an elevation in water salinity due to the diminished flow of the Karun River, stemming from the Persian regime’s initiatives to reroute water inwards.
In-depth investigative studies highlight a pressing requirement for water resources within the Ahwaz domain; nonetheless, the crisis is predicted to intensify in the forthcoming months as the summer season approaches.
The Arab sector of Ahwaz is grappling with severe water-related predicaments, courtesy of the Persian occupiers’ pilfering of water resources and their redirection towards Persian regions, mirroring their unlawful practices in the oil sector. Approximately 40% of Ahwaz’s villages are devoid of access to hygienic drinking water.
Reiterating their stance, the World Health Organization underscores that the dissemination of drinking water must remain untainted by pollution, haziness, and pathogenic microorganisms. The conveyance process should be executed through a hermetically sealed mechanism. Substandard water quality can foster the proliferation of contagious illnesses, such as cholera.

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