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Occupation authorities protest against labeling the 25th Gulf Championship as the “Arabian Gulf Cup”


Iran’s occupying power’s football federation announced Saturday that it plans to file a formal complaint to FIFA over the “Gulf Cup 25” tournament currently being held in the Iraqi city of Basra.
According to ISNA, the Iranian federation confirmed in a statement its intention to file a complaint to the FIFA, due to the use of the name “Arabian Gulf Cup,” in the current tournament, explaining that “the Persian Gulf is a historical name and applies to all languages and maps, both modern and old and installed in the World Atlas,” according to his description.

The statement also indicated that the Iranian federation would send the relevant documents to FIFA in order to correct “wrong trends against international norm in the coming years.”

It is noteworthy that the Iraqi Football Association and the Gulf Cup Association did not launch in any of the forums or conferences held before and after the launch of the Gulf 25, the name “Arabian Gulf” and it was not marketed through the media campaign, as it insists on using the term Persian Gulf instead of the Arab.

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