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Torture and Preventing Contact with Their Families: Violations against Ahwazi Prisoners in Sheiban Prison


Sheiban Prison, located in the city of Sheiban in the Arab province of Ahwaz, is one of the harshest prisons under Iranian occupation in Ahwazi territories.

Arab detainees in this prison are subjected to serious human rights violations, including torture, mistreatment, and medical neglect.

Key violations include:

Torture and mistreatment: Ahwazi detainees are regularly subjected to torture and mistreatment by prison guards.

Common torture methods include beating, electric shock, sleep deprivation, and deprivation of food and medical care.

Ahwazi detainees in Sheiban Prison do not receive adequate medical care, and their medical needs are often ignored, leading to the worsening of diseases and injuries.

Ahwazi detainees live in unhealthy and inhumane conditions, with cells often overcrowded and lacking adequate ventilation or proper sanitary facilities.

One of the most severe violations is the imposition of restrictions on communication, where Ahwazi detainees are deprived of contacting their families and lawyers, and are often prevented from receiving visits or making phone calls.

Live testimonies:

Many Ahwazi detainees who have been released from Sheiban Prison have recounted horrific stories of torture and mistreatment they endured.

The violations suffered by Ahwazi detainees in Sheiban Prison are a source of great concern among the Arab people of Ahwaz regarding the occupation’s implementation of physical liquidation operations.

Human rights demands:

Human rights organizations have called on the international community to pressure the Iranian occupation authorities to stop the violations against Ahwazi prisoners in Sheiban Prison.

Human rights organizations have demanded an independent investigation into these violations and the prosecution of the perpetrators.

International human rights organizations have called for a visit to Sheiban Prison to observe the conditions of detention of Arab prisoners.

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