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Projections suggest Ahwaz will yield a huge crop of sugarcane this season, with an estimated 5 million tonnes expected to be harvested.


Sugarcane Development and Associated Industries reported that 2.4 million tonnes of sugarcane will be harvested in eight sugarcane units in Ahwaz, with more than 5 million tonnes of sugarcane expected to be harvested.

The sugar cane harvest continues until the end of next April, and the area planted with sugar cane in Ahwaz is 67 thousand 580 hectares of sugar cane cultivation.

240 thousand tons of white sugar were produced in eight sugar cane development and associated industries units during 10 months this year and sold locally on the market.

Based on expectations and sugar cane land conditions, by the end of the sugar cane harvest season, about 500 thousand tons of white sugar will have been harvested in the eight sugar cane units of the Ahwaz.

This amount of sugar was produced from the harvest of 2.4 million tons of sugarcane, and according to the area planted with sugarcane in the eight sugarcane units, the harvest is still ongoing.

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