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Port Abbas.. The authentic Arab city named after a Safavid leader


Abbas port is one of the historical and important places controlled by the occupation within the occupied Arab state of Ahvaz, and because of its distinguished location located near the Strait of the Arabian Gulf, hence its historical and commercial importance coveted by the Persian occupier since entering the Arab Ahvaz, as its location, which is protection from any danger to the island of Hormuz, is reason enough to be one of the most important Arab areas occupied by the Persian occupation.

In addition to its proximity to the island of Hormuz, which is located about 15 km away, also from the coast of Oman with much less than 100 km, in addition to the very small distance that Abbas port is from the capital of the Persian occupation Tehran.

Since the Eighties of the last century, the port of Abbas was located next to the mission islands under the leadership of the rulers of Oman.

The Portuguese named the port of Abbas after
Jambron, which is known today as Bandar Abbas at the beginning of the fifteenth century AD.

The name came from Gamba, which means shrimp, or shrimp, which is found in abundance in the waters of Port Abbas and the rest of the waters of the Arabian Gulf.

And prawns are a shrimp-like aquatic animal, belonging to crustaceans.

The Persian forces attacked the port of Abbas with the help of the English forces at the beginning of the thirteenth century AD, after this attack led to the seizure of the port of jimbron and the nearby islands from the hands of the Portuguese and the name was transferred from jimbron to Bandar Abbas, after the Safavid Shah Abbas.

After the collapse of the Safavid state, sovereignty returned to the Arabs, where Bandar Abbas and its parties became subject to the Sultan of Oman until 1856 .

The Karon website, which specializes in Ahwazi historical materials, published, citing some historical sources, that Sultan Said Bin Sultan Al-Busaidi, Sultan of Muscat and Zanzibar, in 1852 about the history of Bandar Abbas and its outskirts:

In the name of God

A statement clarifying the fact that Bandar Abbas and its parties are in our hands

The first

Bandar Abbas and her limbs were taken by a certain Brown (Shammar)* from Ajam [Persians] and our father Mr

Sultan took it from a certain son.

The second

The occurrence of the letter that was issued between our father, Mr. Sultan, and Korner Dunkin, the governor of Mumbai, that if they wanted to sit down, the Sarkar military [British forces] in Bandar Abbas and those parties should sit down, and if they knew that those countries would not have been surprised, they would not have asked our father, Mr. Sultan, to sit down for them.


Mullah Hassan Al-Ma’ini took Bandar Abbas and its limbs after the death of our father, Sayyid Sultan, and SAR Badr bin Saif, accompanied by two moored [ships], and the guns, bullets, parrots and artillery were lowered from the lighthouse to the royal boat, and they approached the land and beat the country until it was handed over.


The army of Janab Al-Sarkar, when they wanted to sit in basidah, did not please the Ajam, and Dr. Jukes arrived at US and told us from the side of these countries, so we answered him that the countries are our countries and the army of Janab Al-Sarkar is sitting in them despite the Ajam.

The fifth

Zaki Khan al-Nuri, Minister of fermanfarma Shiraz, arrived with his army and soldiers to the outskirts of Bandar Abbas to take Bandar Abbas and its parties prevented him by force and war.

Tahrir on 15 Ramadan 1268 [02 July 1852]

Signature of the British resident in the Arabian Gulf

On the side of the letter he wrote: these letters were written by the order of the obedient janaab of the Lord

Mohammed son of Mr. Sharaf

موضوعات ذات صلة

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