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An artist hailing from Ahwaz sheds light on the sufferings endured by the inhabitants of Ahwaz during the forced deportation by the Persians in 1928.


Since the earliest days of its existence, humanity has experienced migratory movements and relocations from one place to another, driven by the pursuit of food, access to water, and means of livelihood. However, other forms of forced migrations have been imposed on certain human beings, compelling them to leave their lands due to natural disasters or human transgressions such as wars, religious, political, ethnic persecutions, and more.

Human history is marked by numerous tragedies committed by humans under various pretexts, but among the most poignant are the killings and atrocities perpetrated against humanity driven by greed for land.

The population of Ahvaz has suffered decades of Iranian occupation of its lands, and an Ahwazi artist illustrates the trials faced by the inhabitants of the city of AlKhafajiya during the forced deportation by the Persians.

This deportation, experienced by the city in 1928, compelled them to undertake a march to Gorgan, located 1500 kilometers away, resulting in the loss of 1400 individuals, including women and children.

The Ahwaz region has been subjected to forced expulsion, resulting in the displacement of 1.2 million Arab citizens, to be replaced by 1.5 million non-Arab individuals.

According to Ahwazi human rights advocacy sources, the residents of Ahwaz were deprived of their lands, on which numerous colonies were established after confiscation by Iranian authorities.

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