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In Pictures: Protest March by Social Security Retirees in Ahwaz March 15, 2023


Social security retirees in the capital city of Ahwaz staged a protest march in front of the Social Security Organization building, expressing their dissatisfaction with the lack of response from relevant officials to their demands.

Retirees protested against the low level of pensions and their failure to keep up with economic inflation. They demanded that the Iranian occupation regime officials increase pensions in accordance with the decision of the Supreme Council of Labor and Social Security, fully implement the salary and pension equation plan, implement supplementary insurance, and cover the cost of medical expenses.

Earlier, the retirees of the telecommunications company protested against the non-implementation of the provisions of the circular, the employment regulations in the company, approved in 2009, and the lack of concern of the company officials for the living conditions of the retirees.
He also demanded that retirees receive a pension above the poverty line, provide free medical services without the need for additional insurance, and increase the level of facilities provided to retirees.
The sources say that these oppressed retirees want to improve their conditions and achieve their well-being, but the racist policy of the officials of the Persian occupation regime for social welfare has increased their living problems day after day.
The Social Security Organization, as the largest insurance institution and intergenerational fund in Iran, is facing a decrease in the coverage ratio and a liquidity deficit. Non-payment of the government’s share in insurance for various categories is the main reason for the liquidity crisis in this organization.
In recent years, retirees have been the mainstay of the trade union protest movements in Ahwaz, and hundreds of retirees from the telecom company’s employees took to the streets and protested against the failure to keep promises and their low standard of living.

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