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Caverns of Ahwaz… A natural marvel and footprints of a distinguished civilization.


The Arab state of Ahwaz, currently under occupation, is adorned with a plethora of scenic wonders, heralded as a matchless jewel among the planet’s ecological marvels.

Around 150 caverns exist in Ahwaz, serving as a habitat for an array of cave-adapted creatures indigenous to the area. These caverns also stand as testament to Ahwaz’s ancient Elamite heritage.

Ahwaz, in its Arab distinction, possesses the world’s most dense limestone formation, endowing the region with a wealth of such geological features. These caverns act as receptacles for subterranean waters, and any contamination could swiftly compromise the entire underground water system.

The northern and eastern highlands of the Arab Ahwaz are integral parts of the central Zagros chain. The distinct characteristics of the Zagros mountains include their rich array of specialized caverns. Ongoing research geared towards mapping the caverns in the Ahwaz region has pinpointed 150 caverns of diverse dimensions.

Environmental champions underline the imperative to safeguard these caverns, epitomizing the Earth’s diverse geology. Their protection is pivotal for decoding the secrets of our planet and maintaining the continuity of natural existence in Ahwaz.

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