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By a Lebanese minister.. Stolen Ahwazi oil is a gift of the Iranian occupation of Lebanon


After the end of the historic agreement between Lebanon and Israel, the Lebanese Energy Minister, Walid Fayyad, admitted that “Iranian oil is a gift that Lebanon receives and is not subject to sanctions”.

This came during his meeting with President of the Republic Michel Aoun, during which he explained that Iranian oil will be a gift, therefore it does not entail any sanctions, and it is the Iranian side that is preparing the details.

“We have expressed our desire to continue receiving oil from Iran, which gives us the opportunity to reduce the costs of energy production in the country, and we have guarantees from the Lebanese Foreign Ministry that we can continue to receive Iranian oil assistance,”he added.

It is worth mentioning that more than 85% of the oil of the Persian occupation is originally the oil of the occupied Arab Ahwaz after the rape of its land and the theft of its goods, which the Persian regime did not submit any reports on oil exports and revenues to public opinion, but uses it to smuggle to its allies from countries and terrorist groups

The Persian occupation state uses the stolen Ahwazi oil as a card to support its terrorist militias and tamper in the heart of Arab countries, where Iranian Foreign Minister Amir Abdollahian said, since Lebanon’s oil crisis last year, during which it was confirmed, ” if the Lebanese government requests oil derivatives from Iran, Tehran is ready to provide support.

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