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Al-Kaabi: It is time to support the Ahwazi people and the project to restore legitimacy to the Ahwaz state



The chairman of the executive committee of the occupied Arab state of Ahwaz, Dr. Aref Al-Kaabi, said that the time has come to support the Ahwazi people and their struggle movement capable of changing the equation of confrontation with the Iranian enemy .

Al-Kaabi stressed in a statement that the struggle of the Ahwazi people is capable of bringing about a field change on the ground, calling for support for the project of restoring legitimacy to the Ahwazi state, which constitutes a new era in the line of confrontation with the Persian state.

This comes by opening offices for the” Ahwazi executive ” in all Arab countries, as this step supports and helps in establishing the Arab Ahwazi state .

Yesterday, Al-Kaabi called on the Arab leaders at the upcoming Arab summit in Algeria to take decisions that protect Arab national security, especially from the Iranian threat, which succeeded in controlling four Arab capitals, despite not being invited to attend the current summit.

Al-Kaabi said: We hope that we will have a presence in the coming years and that the Arabs will help us in building our cultural and political institutions by opening offices for us in every Arab country. against the Persian occupation.

Standing in the side of the Al-Ahwazi people is a national duty for any authentic Arab and aligning with its aspirations to liquidate all forms of injustice and Safavid tyranny, and to deter its repeated violations and aggressions by the successive regimes in power in Iran since 1925 AD until now.

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