A new human rights report sheds light on the violations of the occupation in Ahwaz


The Human Rights Organization “Article 19” indicated that the Iranian regime’s policy in confronting the protests includes “systematic violations” of the right to organize assembly, lying about violations, and the lack of transparency and response, pointing to cases of suppression of protests in Iran.
The organization emphasized in a report entitled: “Fraud, Denial, and Delays… How Iran Makes the People in the Darkness,” stressing that gatherings in Iran require a permit, contrary to international law, and there is no way for citizens to obtain such a permit.
He added that the Iranian regime “systematically refuses permission for gatherings that are not in line with the regime’s policies and ideologies.”
In its report, the organization referred to the protests of occupied Arab Ahwaz due to water scarcity and mismanagement of officials, which spread to various Iranian cities, resulting in dozens of dead and injured protesting citizens.
The security forces also violently suppressed protests organized by farmers and citizens in Isfahan, central Iran. In these protests, the authorities arrested 214 people, including 13 children.
The report also stated that Tehran keeps its people in a state of ambiguity and ignorance by preventing the dissemination of information about gatherings and protests and claiming that this information is classified, and Iranian security forces violently suppress these gatherings, which it considers illegal.
It is noteworthy that “Article 19” recognizes the right to freedom of expression in accordance with Article 20 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the right to freedom of assembly, and “Article 19” organization is one of the observers of this declaration.
The new report issued by this organization comes after 46 civil and human rights organizations at home and abroad condemned the brutal violence practiced by the Iranian regime against protesters, and announced their support for freedom of peaceful assembly in Iran.

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