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“The Ka’bien Emirate”… Established in Ahwaz, at the head of the Arabian Gulf


Following the numerous battles waged by the State of Mashasha against the Persian army, emerging victorious, they managed to ensure the independence of Ahwaz, free from the influence of both the Persians and the Ottomans.

At the end of the reign of the Mashasha State in 1724, another state was founded in Ahwaz, named the Emirate of Bani Ka’b (or the Ka’bien Emirate).

This emirate was recognized by both the Safavid and Ottoman empires, managing to expand its dominance over the entire territories of Ahwaz.

The Ka’bien Emirate, located in Ahwaz, was at the top of the Arabian Gulf, bordered by the Ottoman Empire to the west and the Zagros Mountains to the east.

The Bani Ka’b tribe migrated to Ahwaz from the heart of Iraq in the middle of the 17th century. A segment of this tribe settled in the southwest part of the Karun river basin, while the rest populated the banks of the Chatt al-Arab, both to the east and west.

This tribe built the city “Al-Qaban” as the capital and center of its emirate. The first emir of this state was Sheikh Ali bin Nasser bin Mohammed, belonging to the “Al-Bu Nasser” lineage, descendants of Nasser.

He took over in 1690. The renowned Sheikh Salman bin Sultan Al-Bunaser capitalized on the chaos that engulfed Iran after the death of its ruler, Nader Shah. He endeavored to expand his territory to the north and east, encountering the Afshar tribes along the way. He managed to defeat them and take their city, “Durq”, renaming it “Al-Falahiya” and making it a secondary capital next to “Al-Qaban”.

When Bani Ka’b settled in Al-Falahiya, the era of the Mashasha Emirate, which had ruled for several centuries, came to an end, giving rise to the Emirate of Bani Ka’b under the leadership of the Bunaser.

The stature of Sheikh Salman bin Sultan Al-Bunaser reached unparalleled heights. This leader was distinguished by his courage, military prowess, and diplomatic acumen. Despite the attempts by the Pasha of Baghdad to subdue him militarily, he failed in his endeavor.

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