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A wide solidarity campaign in Ahwaz to save “Nazim Brihi” .. and the executive calls for an Arab and international movement against the occupation


Ahwaz activists organized a solidarity campaign with Nazim Brihi, who was sentenced to death and later told that his sentence had been commuted to life imprisonment. Brihi went on hunger strike in Shaiban prison, in protest of the ill-treatment by the oppressive apparatus of the Persian occupation.
His physical condition deteriorated, and Nazim Brihi was transferred to the hospital. He suffers from skin diseases, kidney diseases and joint pain.
Voices have been raised to rescue Nazim, since last Monday, social media campaigns have had nothing but support for this fighter in the face of Khamenei’s repressive forces.
Nazim demanded that he be tried in a fair manner. He then staged a hunger strike to protest his 17-year imprisonment without a fair trial.
Nazim Burihi, an Ahwazi prisoner, from the city of Hamidiya, was sentenced on charges of working against the Persian national security and fighting God after his arrest. Nazim demanded that he be removed
I put him in a fair trial. After the hunger strike and the deterioration of his physical condition, Nazim Brihi was taken to the hospital
It is worth noting that some political detainees in Ahwaz are demanding deportation to other governorates to get rid of the difficult conditions in Ahwaz prisons, and political prisoners in Ahwaz are subjected to ill-treatment, torture, humiliation and humiliation.
Sources confirmed that Nazim’s condition worsened, as Nazim was a teenager at the time of his arrest and was sentenced to death.
Al-Ahwaz political prisoners suffer as they live in very harsh conditions in prisons. Sick Ahwazi prisoners were chained to bars under the sun instead of medical treatment.
The Al-Ahwaz occupied Arab website highlighted in its report a day ago what the Ahwazi fighter is going through, and Nazem Burihi is Ibn Sajban, born in 1986, a student in religious sciences, born in Hamidiyah. The security forces arrested him on October 8, 2005, and Burihi was not He was eighteen years old at the time of his arrest.
He called on international human rights organizations to put pressure on the occupying Persian state and terror to release all Ahwazi prisoners in the prisons of the Persian occupation.
He warned human rights organizations against the Persian occupation’s implementation of physical liquidation operations against the Ahwazi youth detained in the occupation prisons, pointing out that the repressive apparatus of the Persian occupation carried out severe torture of detainees to obtain false confessions.
And always comes the role of an executive to restore legitimacy to the occupied Arab state of Al-Ahwaz headed by Dr. Aref Al-Kaabi, a supporter of these heroes who face extreme prison conditions under the car of the occupation authorities.
Where the executive demanded to shed light on the case of Nazim Burihi, appealing to all Arab and international organizations to take a step forward in such violations against the Ahwazi people, stressing the need for the unity of the Ahwazi ranks in the face of the brutal occupation.
The executive indicated that the Persian occupation authorities are holding many Ahwazis in Iranian prisons without trial.

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