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When and how did the civilization of Elam begin


The civilization of Elam is the most prominent in the history of Ahvaz, and the name Elam was given to a kingdom that included two regions, the susiana Plains relative to the capital Susa, represented today by Ahvaz, and the Highlands and mountains area located to the northwest of the plain.

This civilization lasted between 2700 BC.M. And 539 BC.It is one of the first civilizations located in the extreme west and southwest of what is currently called Iran in the lowlands of the provinces of Ilam and the occupied Ahvaz province and southern Iraq.

Its Metropolis was the ancient city of sous (the modern city of Shushan), and French archaeologists found in this territory a generation ago Human Traces dating back twenty thousand years, and they also found evidence of the establishment of an elite culture dating back to 4500 BC.M .

The city of SOS lived for six thousand years, during which it witnessed the greatness of the empires of Sumer, Babylon, Egypt, Assyria, Persia, Greece, and Rome; and it remained in the name of Shushan, a prosperous city until the fourteenth century AD.

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