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In a blatant violation of human rights, an Ahwazi citizen has been arrested and taken to an undisclosed location. 


The Persian occupation authorities have continued their arbitrary arrests against the Arab people of Ahwaz. The repressive security forces of the occupying state raided the home of the young man « Shoubi son of Ahmed » after forcibly entering his residence.

The oppressive security forces of the occupying state raided the home of « Shoubi son of Ahmed », who is 20 years old, spreading terror among children and women and destroying the household furniture, before being transported to an unknown location.
Meanwhile, Khamenei’s militias continue their campaign of arrests against the Arab people of Ahwaz, amidst human rights criticisms and concerns of torture against the detainees in the prisons of the Persian occupation.

The Persian occupation gangs also force detainees, during their detention, to make forced confessions under pressure from the security forces, which include false charges.
And Persian media revealed that the Persian occupation authorities summoned more than 225 citizens of the Ahwazi Arab people, against the backdrop of demonstrations against the occupation, after the killing of the Kurdish girl, Mahsa Amini, at the hands of the terrorist Guidance Police militia.

And the Persian occupation authorities issued more than 105 indictments related to the recent demonstrations in the cities of the occupied Arab state of Al-Ahwaz.
Ahwazi sources from the inside indicated that the Persian occupation judiciary fabricated most of the cases of Ahwazi citizens and ordered their transfer to the occupation judiciary, and these cases amounted to more than 105 cases on charges of demonstration and protest.
The sources pointed out that these cases include more than 225 Ahwazi citizens, who are awaiting imprisonment after fabricating charges against them in the recent protests.

Local and international human rights organizations have warned that Iranian repression and arrests are part of the Iranian regime’s bloody and inhumane strategy, which threatens the lives of millions of Ahwazis.
This organization called on the international community to pay special attention to the conditions of detainees in the prisons of the Persian occupation, and to warn the Tehran regime « that the international community will not tolerate the execution of protesters. »

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