Al Kaabi delineates the framework of the initiative aiming to reinstate legitimacy.


Dr. Aref Al Kaabi, Executive Head of the Arab State of Ahwaz, expressed that the project for reinstating legitimacy seeks to actualize pivotal dimensions of legitimacy, legality, and institutional coherence, all interlinked. It aims to employ legal and diplomatic channels to attain international acknowledgment of Ahwaz as a nation under Iranian occupation.

Al Kaabi supplemented that our effort also strives to establish and foster comprehensive institutions, encompassing media, legal, humanitarian, cultural establishments, as well as research and study hubs. The aspiration is to inject fresh and promising impetus into our cause.

The Executive Head of the Arab State of Ahwaz continued by affirming, « Despite endeavors to obscure realities and undermine the rights of the Arab people of Ahwaz, Arab perseverance, resistance, and backing persist as unwavering pillars supporting the Ahwaz cause, with the objective of reestablishing the Arab state within Ahwaz, terminating decades of Persian occupation, and thwarting Persian stratagems against Arab communities.

Al Kaabi underscored that Ahwaz will persist as an impediment in the path of occupiers, irrespective of Persian attempts to obliterate its identity. He also asserted that Ahwaz will endure in both Arab and global forums. Individuals have made sacrifices and will continue to do so for their cherished homeland and occupied nation, to restore the honor of their forefathers and their dignity. Hence, Ahwaz will endure as Arab and will ultimately reclaim its Arabian Gulf heritage, in defiance of Iranian antagonism and coercion.

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