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Stone schools… Another face of Persian marginalization against the Ahwazis


Despite the enormous wealth enjoyed by the occupied Arab State of Ahwaz, the policy of impoverishment and marginalization pursued by the Persian occupation in Ahwaz creates a number of problems, including the neglect of the education sector and the educational structure in occupied Ahwaz.

In Ahwaz, the educational infrastructure sector continues to suffer, with old stone schools still in place in Ahwaz, where dozens of stone schools are scattered in Ahwaz in the absence of a genuine desire on the part of the occupying Power to develop the educational structure in Ahwaz.

Building schools is the most important pillar in building a person and developing his future, but the Persian discrimination against the Ahwazi Arab people reveals the occupation’s plans to impoverish and marginalize the Ahwazis.

According to Ahwazi estimates, there are more than 1,000 stone schools in Al-Ahwaz. The schools lack the most modern means of education, as well as equipment such as cooling devices, “air conditioning” in the summer or heating in the winter, which endangers the people of Al-Ahwaz.

Stone schools are spread in the Bedouin areas, and some of them are in the rural areas of the occupied villages and cities of Al-Ahwaz.

In other regions of the occupied Arab state of Al-Ahwaz, students suffer from overcrowding in schools, which endangers the lives of students in light of the spread of the Corona virus, and makes the absorption capacity difficult.



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