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3 archaeological sites testifying to the civilization of the Ahwaz region



The history of Ahwaz dates back to seven thousand years, the Elamite civilization was founded on its land, similar to the Babylonian, Assyrian and Sumerian civilizations in Mesopotamia, which Iran is trying to erase after the occupation of the territory in 1925.

There are a number of places in the Ahwaz region that bear witness to that civilization, there is a gazanbil in Persian and in the Elamite language (darantash), an Elamite temple in the region located in the city of Shushan, the capital of Elam, built by the Elamite King ontash napirisha in 1250 BC.M.

The Elamite name of this building is the Ziggurat Dor intash, from the Akkadian Semitic ziggurat meaning the place of the high or the top of the mountain, and the role of Antash is the composition of the singular dor, which means in Elamite a house or a city, as in Arabic, and intash is the name of the Elamite King who built this city and Temple.

After this temple, we move to the city of Shushan or Susa, an archaeological city located in the Ahvaz region that was the capital of the Elamites and Parthians and one of the most important cities of the ancient Near East.

It is an ancient city of the primitive Elamite era, one of the most important cities in the ancient Near East, and lies at the foot of the Zagros Mountains about 250 km (160 mi) east of the Tigris River, between the karkha River and the Dez River. The site now includes three giant mounds, occupying an area of almost one square kilometer, known as the upandana mound, the Acropolis mound, and the mound at Royal (Royal City).

The third Sousse era was in the period between 3100-2700 BC.It is known as the primitive Elamite era, and at this time, the Banshee Ceramic Industries prevailed. At the same time, the tablets of the primitive Elamite era appeared for the first time in the annals. Later, Sousse became the center of the Elam civilization.

In that city there is the shush fortress, which was built in the nineteenth century in Ahvaz, located on the Eastern Bank of the Arabian Gulf, which is one of the monuments dating back to the Qajar era.this fortress was built in 1897 ad, above the highest area of the city of shush, that is, before the entry of the Iranian occupation in 1925 ad.

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