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The crimes of the Persian occupation… Desertification threatens Ahwaz


In an environmental crime against Al-Ahwaz, reports revealed the high phenomenon of desertification in Al-Ahwaz, as a result of the Persian occupation policy, which aims to dry up Al-Ahwaz, with the aim of forcing the Ahwazi Arab people to “migrate” from their homeland.
The area of deserts in the cities of Ahwaz was estimated at 1,257 thousand hectares, of which 350 thousand hectares are critical centers for dust (mud) and 350 thousand hectares are sandy areas (centers of erosion by wind). Dam construction projects are among the most important factors of desertification in Ahwaz.
The Persian occupation’s establishment of large dams in Ahwaz prevented the natural flow of floods in the plains and prevented the entry of local wetlands such as Sharifiya and Mansoura swamps in the very critical dirt center, which led to an increase in desertification and an increase in the proportion of dust in the air of Ahwaz.
The areas of Ahwaz most affected by the phenomenon of desertification are the capital Ahwaz, Karun, Bafi, Hamidiya, Hawiza, Sous, Ramsher, Maashour, Al-Amidiyah, and Al-Falahiya.
Of the one million and 250 thousand hectares of desert areas in Ahwaz, about 340 thousand hectares are dust centers, and in 250 thousand hectares of this amount, measures have been taken to combat dust.
And some clay sand dunes cannot be settled due to special conditions due to the flow of the soil and its fluidity and the burial of the plant under it and it has a positive effect on the formation of the plant. However, mulch-based materials are natural, carbon-based and can be refined.
According to studies, in Khuzestan province, except for 80,000 hectares that were sprayed in the past four to five decades, there is a capacity for re-spraying for about 20,000 to 30,000 hectares.
Forests are a key factor in confronting the dust spots, which are mud and sand dunes, is the use of vegetation cover that can be settled as much as possible.”

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